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Jolie Holland

Album Cover Thumbnail Image for Jolie Holland 'Escondida'

Just discovered this today (03/26/2005) on NPR. Has an old timey radio style/feel. In his Amazon review, Charles Macnaughton described Jolie Holland as sounding like Patsy Cline inpersonating Billie Holliday covering a Tom Waits song. Have high hopes. My verdict isn't as amicable. While Escondida is pleasant to listen to, it is instantly forgettable. After almost a month of listening to it, I have yet to find myself humming a single tune from it to myself. Not a good sign. This album will soon fade from my listening stack and years from now, someone will ask about it and I'll say, "It's OK mellow music with an old time radio feel, but there's nothing special about it." Mediocrity sucks.

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