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White Blood Cells

The White Stripes

Album Cover Thumbnail Image for The White Stripes 'White Blood Cells'

The beginning of it all (for me at least). Of course, I'm talking about my unabiding love for the sounds and tunes of Jack and Meg White.

I still remember scrounging online for an illegal download of "Fell In Love With A Girl" and loading it onto my MP3 player. With it blasting in my ears, Chaunce and I took off to the ball diamond for a romp. As it played it over and over and I danced in the outfield to the amusement for all the passing cars while the red dog was happily perplexed about what had gotten into me, I flashed back to high school and listening to The Cure, Depeche Mode and (most importantly) The Violent Femmes with my sister. How I wish she was with me that afternoon as I jumped and twirled with my favorite dog and I was reminded over and over and over how deliriously happy a single song can make me.

I even forgave Jack for not playing it when I saw him and Meg in Chicago a while later for one of the most frenetic and inspired live shows ever.

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