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The Black Album


Album Cover Thumbnail Image for Prince 'The Black Album'

Most people these days have completely forgotten about this "lost" Prince album. Just as His Royal Badness was on the verge of releasing this album of sex funk (there was even a release date!), he changed his mind. In its place he released Lovesexy, which consisted of nine songs strung together in a single forty+ minute track.

Most people thought The Black Album was lost forever, but it quickly surfaced in a variety of bootleg formats. I purchased a poor quality copy on vinyl in Philadelphia for $50. Years later, he finally relented and released it for a limited time. That is why Amazon only lets you buy it used.

So how is it? Well, if you're expecting Purple Rain, look somewhere else. Otherwise, it's pretty cool. All time fav' track is "Bob George."

Oh, and don't believe those Prince freaks who say that Prince predicted gangsta rap with this album. They're trying too hard to make this album into something it isn't.

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