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Stereo Odyssey

William Orbit

Album Cover Thumbnail Image for William Orbit 'Stereo Odyssey'

William Orbit took over the airwaves of KCRW in Los Angeles at the beginning of 1996. His half-hour broadcast aired every Friday at midnight and captivated listeners in L.A. for three months. Because it was boradcast on radio, he didn't need to worry about copyright clearance for his audio samples, nor did he worry about creating songs that fit into a radio-friendly format, or even creating individual songs for that matter. For 30 minutes, he played what he wanted to hear, and it was all mixed, scratched and fused live in the studio.

He usually opened each show with a low droning sound which evolved into either a song or collage of music and spoken words. The mix would then take off in a fiery ball of improvisations over various reggae and dub tracks, live recordings and even previously unreleased material.

(Jon Masciana, March, 1998)

Note: Never officially released, this music is only available on bootleg (if you know the right people). Link is to the William Orbit web site.

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