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Sunday 01/30/2005 1:25 AM

Took this picture when I was visiting Shannon last. This is her precious dog, Wolfie. He isn't really snarling there — he had a minor stroke a few years back and now the two sides of his face don't exactly match up.

Wolfie has always been a great dog and he and Chaunce were just about the same age. They loved playing together.

Whenever I saw Wolfie, I would always whisper in his ear, "I bring greetings from The Red Dog." I don't know what I'll say the next time I see him.

Wolfie isn't living on the farm anymore. Now that Shannon has her professor job, Wolfie is living in the 'burbs and, from what I hear, he's making out OK.

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Music: Various Artists "The Life Aquatic"

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