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Prague Dog #3

Monday 02/14/2005 12:38 AM

The second time we were in Prague (in 2003), I quickly fell into a pattern of jumping out of bed sans alarm at about 6AM. Those of you that know me can appreciate how absolutely bizarre that is because I am notorious for hitting the snooze button at the crack of noon. Blame it on the whole timezone, quarter way round the globe thing.

So what does Peter do in a foreign city at 6AM when everyone else (including his wife) is still asleep? Walk the streets! Take pictures! Wander!

So each day I'd head off in a different direction in search of adventure (or at least a really cool picture).

One morning I beat the sun and got some pictures of Old Town during the early morning magic hour. Another day I discovered that one of the few times during the day that Charles Bridge is not plagued with tourists is quarter part dawn.

But this day I headed, um... (struggling to pick the right cardinal direction — sorry, Dad)... that away (points off in a direction perpendicular to the way to the castle as if you'd understand at all). I guess one way to explain it is if you're at the Prague Marriott, I took the shortest, fastest path to the river.

Anyway, I crossed the river and discovered where the homeless of Prague sack out. Worried about being attacked, robbed and possibly eaten, I retreated to the safety of the bridge (one of many throughout Prague that cross the Vlatava).

I dropped down below the bridge and wandered along the dock and discovered the gentleman you see in the picture for today's post. He was fishing on the dock with his little dog. He saw me wander up with my camera (insert Czech for "stupid tourist" that he probably muttered under his breath) and was surely amused as I pantomined my way into asking if I could take some pictures of his little dog for my Prague Dog collection.

Well, much to my surprise, he not only permitted your humble author to snap a shot or two, but he set aside his pole, stood up and got his canine companion to do some tricks for me! So I took several pictures of him and his little dog.

When we finished, I called out with the only Czech word I can say with any confidence, "Dekuji" (pronouced, at least by me, as day-CUE-yee, i.e. "thank you"), and then I was on my way back to the hotel.

And BTW, this is the one month anniversary of my blog. Let's see if we can double the readership (to four) in the next 30 days. If we can keep that up, I figure we'll have everyone on the planet reading this blog in a few years!

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