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Just Another Wednesday Night

Thursday 03/10/2005 12:12 AM

Tired. Long day. Candy has surgery Friday.

"What's that?" you say?

Indeed, Candy is getting rotator cuff repair surgery on Friday. She had her pre-op this morning. Then this afternoon, we took delivery of some type of Marquis de Sade physical therapy rehab chair.

She got similar surgery done on her other (right) shoulder back in the last century (98). This time, she has one extra bone spur (for a total of two) and a possible tear in her rotator cuff. They will start off arthroscopically, but if the shoulder is a mess, they will have to open her up.

If it ends up being the latter, she's looking at 2-4 months recovery — MINIMUM — as opposed to 1-2.

More later.

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