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Surgery Success!

Saturday 03/12/2005 12:35 AM

Well, it looks like she's gonna live.

No open procedure. There is a partial (30% through the thickness) tear in her rotator cuff, but now that the half inch (Oh My God! Can you believe that? A half inch?!?) bone spur has been removed, the doc thinks the rotator cuff will heal itself.

My buddy, Mark, sent this great little note this morning:

Hope all goes well.. tell Candy (I'm sure it's a bit late now) not to worry if they have to open her up. I had MAJOR surgery on my left shoulder (about a 7-8 month rehab kinda surgery) and the good news is that it's not any more painful.. just a bit more rehab (which is good if you like going to a dominatrix).

Rotator cuff surgery shouldn't be too bad on her, they've gotten a lot better at it in the last 7 years or so.

Thanks, Mark!

So anyway... Candy is home and drugged, but doing fine. Tomorrow... The Chair.

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