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Sinking Stones and Finnish Grasshoppers

Wednesday 03/16/2005 10:43 AM

Previously on this blog, regarding my exploration of the fenced-in plot of land with the sunken stone markers:

"...some were sunk..."

See today's image for more.

This is the only stretch of time in the year when we have three holidays and/or holidays of sorts in a row. Yesterday was the Ides of March, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, but, according to some (hi Dad!), today is the most important for today is St. Urho's Day!

According to legend, many years ago, St. Urho drove all the grasshoppers out of Finland. What's that you say? There are no grasshoppers in Finland? That's because St. Urho got rid of them. QED, people. QED.

Then you might point out that this sounds suspiciously like a rip-off of St. Patrick's Day, for it was St. Patrick who drove all the snakes out of Ireland. No, I say, it is the Irish who ripped off the Finns. C'mon, look at the date... their holiday comes after ours. They are obviously just copying us. We can't help it if the Irish just get better press. QED, folks. QED.

Incidentally, your friend and author happens to be half Irish and half Finnish, so go figure, eh?

Regarding celebratory colors... everyone knows about the green requirement for tomorrow, but on today, St. Urho's Day, the mandatory color is the most royal one: purple.

Think I'm making this all up? I have references! Scroll to the bottom of that page for the partial story. Obviously the Wikipedia editors are part of the vast Hibernian conspiracy to emasculate St. Urho and perpetuate the fraud of St. Patrick.

For even more on St. Urho, you can check Google as well.

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