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Emmett Goodman and the Loveless Slab of Bossiness

Sunday 03/20/2005 8:42 PM

After leaving Abe's marker, I found this peculiar wooden gravestone hand-made for Emmett Goodman. See today's image for more details.

I love The Simpsons. In tonite's episode, Marge and Homer split up, and Homer ended up sleeping an RV out in the backyard. Later, they are in the bedroom and Marge is telling Homer that they need to be sleeping in the bed again as husband and wife and Home responds with, "That's not a bed. That's a loveless slab of bossiness."

Oh. My. God. One of the funniest lines ever from that show!

I just love saying it. (All together now.)

A Loveless Slab of Bossiness!

LOL indeed.

And in other news, remember that marsala sauce I made for Candy and Grandma on Valentine's Day? Believe it or not, it's lasted in the fridge this long without going bad (can't say as much for the risotto) and I've been finishing it little by little over the weeks. Well, after last nite's ribeye, there wasn't much left. So this evening, Sheriff got Kibbles Marsala.

He gives it 4 ½ dogbones with his only complaint being his steadfast criticism of his evening meals: Not enough food!

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