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A Visit to the Past

Wednesday 03/23/2005 9:03 AM

I've had two magic rolls of film in my life. One was used in Prague at the Vysehrad cemetery. The other was last January when I took pictures of Chauncey sleeping in the bedroom and out on the back porch. Both of those rolls of film were Fuji 160 speed NPS pro portraiture film.

About a month ago, I picked up another roll and decided to experiment with the 160 NPC as well. The NPS is a film that emphasizes color saturation, while the NPC is a film stock that emphasizes contrast. If you're curious, you can learn more on the FujiColor Portrait web page.

So in trying to figure out where to use my two magic rolls of film, I got the idea to take Grandma out to the potter's field. I had taken Chaunce there about ten years ago and thought it would be neat to check it out again.

So a few Saturdays ago, Candy, Grandma, Sheriff and I loaded up in the car and went out to the graveyard. I got lots of neat pictures (as you've seen over the last couple of weeks), but it wasn't until later that I discovered something that just blew my mind.

But about the NPC film stock... It's kinda cool. As you can tell from these pictures, it makes the shadows real dark, but that's to be expected with it being all high contrast and stuff. I definitely prefer the softer touch of the NPS film as I can always use Photoshop to increase the contrast on demand in post.

More on the surprise later.

And now for the quote of the day (from the amazing documentary My Architect, DVD available):

"A good idea that doesn't happen is no idea at all."

— Louis Kahn

Makes me shudder.

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