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Sunday 05/08/2005 11:59 PM

Been busy with life stuff, plus my sleeping schedule is pretty out of whack at the moment.

Welcome to my first backdated post. It's actually 5:15 AM Monday morning. First, some belated flowers for my mom (dogwoods, I believe, happened upon at the abandoned graveyard at The Greenway). Second, things on my mind, which should soon evolve into individual posts of their own:

Woke early this morning (thanks for nothing, Ambien) from a dream where Candy and I were visiting the unborn children, cousins and twin of Chauncey. Chauncey himself was solid white and somehow larger, thicker, like he was wrapped up like a mummy, but the bandages had become his new flesh and snowy white hair. His eyes were recessed back into his skull, but they were still flickering with life and glee.

It was wonderful.

File Under: Abandoned Graveyard at The Greenway; Life Happening; Missing Chaunce; Mom
Music: Joi "Tennessee Slim Is The Bomb"

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