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Meeting Quota

Tuesday 06/07/2005 1:25 AM

Finished a big project last week.

Took first place in a multi-table Omaha Hi/Lo 8 tournament Friday night. Turned $5 into $105. Awesome! Most money ever made in a single tourny. First time I've taken first in a multi-table tournament with cash prizes. And to think... I don't even play Omaha that much, but I was good enough beat 76 other people Friday night.

As great as it was, it's worth pointing out that it wasn't my biggest ever percentage gain. That would have been late last summer when I first started playing poker, and my buddy, Richard, and I decided to play the 4PM Big Buck tournament on Paradise Poker. Thanks to an incredible run of cards and catches, I got a massive chip stack going early on and was in the top ten for most of the tournament as the 1,000+ players got whittled away. The problem was that it was a Wednesday nite — my poker nite — and I was running out of time before I had to be sitting down at 7:30. So Richard played out my hands for the last hour or so and got me into 5th place! With a buy-in of just ONE DOLLAR, my cash prize of $50+ was about a 5,000+% gain. If I ever top that, percentage-wise, you'll probably be watching me on TV as I catch my gutshot straight flush draw to beat out Daniel Negreanu in heads up for the WSOP.

And in other news... Working pretty steady this week, but not as much Bataan Death March and all as last.

And here's your Quote of the Day:

"And the fortune cookie that I opened immediately after said "Good to begin well, better to end well.""

— Neil Gaiman

Oh, one more thing: an...ti-ci...pa-tion! (With apologies to Rocky Horror.)

Anyway... so what for all the excitement? A new White Stripes album comes out tomorrow! Woo-hoo! Err... make that today, I guess. Later today. Still woo-hoo, though. I promise to keep you posted on how seriously it rocks.


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