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Wednesday 06/22/2005 4:14 AM

Thus we begin another series, albeit a brief one most likely.

Though we have been helping our animal friends out of various binds and for all sorts of reasons for millenia now, every once in a while, they get the chance to return the favor. There are at least a couple of stories I'd like to share and point out to you in case they've escaped your radar.

Today's story is about an abandoned infant in Kenya. Later named Angel by hospital workers, this child was dumped in a plastic bag in an impoverished part of Nairobi. This stray dog pulled her out of the plastic bag and then carried her across a busy road, through a barbed wire fence and laid the child down with her own puppies.

Once the child was found, the dog was rescued herself and dubbed Mkombozi, or Saviour. Unfortunately, her new found celebrity status is bittersweet because, as the newspapers around the world reported, her puppies died.

Of course, you and I know better... One of her puppies is doing just fine.

Full article (one of many) is your Link of the Day.

I got another good one for tomorrow. If you know any good "wild animal(s) rescuing human(s) in distress" stories, please send 'em to me (preferrably with links to articles, pictures, etc).

My friend Julie says Unscattering does not suck. Woohoo!

Oh, and now my mom wants to read it. So we'll see what she thinks.

Hope each of you enjoyed your solstice. It's all downhill from here.


Link of the Day: Stray Dog Rescues Newborn Baby

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