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Wednesday 08/03/2005 2:36 PM

Shannon didn't get her package yesterday. Turns out that even though the UPS Store has successfully delivered to her new address before, they didn't have her correct street number in their system. It is now corrected and I am anxiously awaiting word that she has received her gifts today.

None-the-less, Shannon and I had a great chat on the phone last night for about an hour and a half. Love ya, Boo!

I need to start talking about Fresh Market stuff. I have two words for you: Applewood Bacon. No, that's not three words.

We've gotten spoiled on Ready Crisp, that pre-cooked bacon that allows you to enjoy the taste of bacon without the greasy mess. It's a great snack for all the low carbers in the house, but lemme tell ya something: The best Ready Crisp bacon can't begin to compare with the worst freshly cooked applewood bacon. This stuff is expensive ($6.99 a pound) and you have to cook it up yourself, but the flavor can't be beat. It's smoked with applewood and thick-sliced, but you haven't had bacon until you've tried this stuff.

How do you say... Deee-light?

They did it. And, no, I don't mean GSC. Someone cloned a dog. It's your Link of the Day.

Link of the Day: Scientists clone man's best friend

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