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Happy Saint Sithney's Day!

Thursday 08/04/2005 12:49 PM

Today is the feast of Saint Sithney.

One day, many centuries ago, Saint Sithney was chatting with the Lord Almighty and God told him that he had been chosen to be the patron saint of girls seeking husbands. The disappointed saint replied to God that he would never get a moment's peace because he would be continuously plagued with prayers for good men, fine clothes and a multitude of other things. Saint Sithney said he didn't want this responsibility and would rather take care of mad dogs than desperate women.

God agreed and granted Saint Sithney his requested patronage and, ever since, sick, rabid or otherwise mad dogs have been given water from Saint Sithney’s well as a cure.

The parish of Sithney can be found near Helston in Cornwall, England (pictures available).

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Music: Geoffrey Oryema "Exile"

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