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More Fresh Market Goodness: Kalamata Olives

Monday 08/15/2005 10:14 AM

Talked to Shannon this weekend. Turns out a Fresh Market just opened in the Columbus, Ohio area. She went shopping there for the first time Saturday and really liked it alot.

About two weeks ago, I promised to start posting about my favorite Fresh Market discoveries, but, other than my review of their glorious applewood bacon, I haven't told you about any of the other Fresh Market goodness.

Years ago, Publix started carrying olives in their fruit and vegetable department. They had about half a dozen different clear plastic spherical bowls of olives that looked like free samples the first time I saw them. No, I didn't embarass myself by scarfing on the olives, but I was also intimidated by the selection and never tried any of them. And I'm someone who really loves olives.

Well, after a while, the olives disappeared from Publix and about a year later, through an entirely different set of circumstances, I started discovering the benefits of gourmet olives (I'm talking about basically any olives other than the black and green pimento-stuffed varieties the vast majority of us are accustomed to eating).

Along comes Fresh Market and they've got about ten different olive varieties in large, clear plastic cylindrical containers with labels on the top like:

So I grabbed a bunch of their smallest containers and put no more than half a dozen olives from each bin in its own little tub. I borrowed a pen from the deli and wrote each olive type on the top. Then I took them home and started experimenting.

The undisputed winner was the pitted Kalamata Olives. Man, oh man. What goodness. I love Kalamata Olives, but I've never seen pitted Kalamata Olives. Most of the other olives just weren't my style, but none of them were dreadful. Some were hard, some were bitter, some were kinda boring.

So now I'm buying the Kalamata Olives a couple of tubs at a time, and I've discovered that it's the Kalamata that disappear the quickest. So after some Q&A with various Fresh Market staff, I've discerned that they get fresh olives for restocking every Wednesday, so I always make sure I drop by late on a Wednesday or sometime Thursday to reload for my Kalamata cravings.

More later.

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