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An Unexpected Protector

Thursday 08/25/2005 9:21 PM

Candy is in Pennsylvania, so Sheriff and I are bach'in' it. This evening we went to Backyard Burgers and then to Tom Brown Park.

I went to Backyard Burgers for the first time this morning with my friend Ron. I liked it so much, I had to come back this evening for another tasty burger.

Sheriff sat outside with me at the burger place and we had a nice time. With the overcast sky, it wasn't too hot at all. I couldn't find Sheriff's leash, so I made a barricade with some of the chairs. It was a slow night and no one else was out on the patio with us.

Then we headed over to the dog park at Tom Brown Park. It was the slowest I'd seen it in years with less than half a dozen dogs there. Sheriff handled it pretty well and almost started playing with a black and brown boxer.

While he was trying to do his be-a-dog thing without freaking out, I met a couple sitting on a picnic bench with a lovely mutt named Khaki. As I crouched on the ground petting the somewhat diminuitive (about 35 or 40 lbs at four years of age) Golden Retriever and Chow mix, I chatted with her parents, a couple consisting of a guy about my age and a woman a few years younger than us both. After walking away from me for a few minutes, Khaki suddenly returned and did something I've never seen a dog that wasn't mine do. I was still crouched with my elbows on my knees and my hands casually clenched together. She ducked under my arms and then turned around with her back to me and sat on the ground tucked right between my legs next to me. If you were to have asked even the most casual of observers, any of them would have told you she was obviously my dog.

Just as I commented on how unusual her behavior was, Sheriff came up on my left to check in with me and Khaki started growling at him. Outweighing her by about two-and-a-half times, the German Shepard paused ever so briefly, shot her quick glance and then ignored her as he went to my now outstretched hand. While I was petting Sheriff, the black and brown boxer came up on my right and Khaki growled at him too. Finally, she decided she had had enough of keeping me safe and wandered back over to her mom and dad.

A little while longer and Sheriff was leading me back to the car. As we drove off, I couldn't help chuckling to myself about my unexpected protector of the evening.

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