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The Water Plant

Thursday 09/08/2005 2:56 PM

So I'm in an elevator today and a guy gets on at another floor while I'm on my way down. After a moment of silence, he just starts talking.

"Quite a few years ago, I was doing work in Baton Rouge," he begins. "One day I find myself looking at a set of plans and there's a mark on them that says -44. I asked someone else what in the world that meant and he explained to me that the first floor was 44 feet below sea level."

"Wow," I replied.

He continued. "I can't imagine what they're going through these days."

"I'll bet," I tell him as the elevator door opens. "What were you building back there in Baton Rouge at 44 feet below sea level?"

He starts to step out of the elevator and then he pauses for a moment and says, "A water plant."

I follow him out of the elevator and say, "Well, they've got plenty of water now."

He agrees with a chuckle and then we part ways, heading to our cars.

File Under: Hurricane Katrina; Life Happening
Music: Cliff Martinez "Solaris Soundtrack"

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