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Hodge Podge II

Thursday 09/15/2005 12:04 PM

Busy with work. Still bummed about New Orleans et al.

Your image today is of my favorite sister, Shannon, when she visited the Big Easy eons ago. My mom's been wanting a copy of this picture for years and, if you can promise to keep a secret, it's looking like she's finally going to get her wish.

Your Link of the Day is dedicated to my father, who is offline these days since his retirement (when are we gonna get you that laptop, Dad?). This'll prolly be the first and last time you hear the term "forensic astronomer". Confused yet? All will be clear regarding today's anniversary of sorts after the jump.

Until next time...

Link of the Day: Forensic astronomers date famous photograph

File Under: Dad; Hurricane Katrina; Life Happening; Link of the Day; Mom; Shannon
Music: Fairground Attraction "The First of a Million Kisses"

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