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Here We Go Again

Friday 09/23/2005 11:23 AM

Hurricane Rita is barrelling down on Texas and Western Louisiana.

Yesterday, the governor of Louisiana was on TV telling people to re-evacuate New Orleans and surrounding areas and on to the west. She then said that anyone choosing to stay behind needs to get a permanent marker and write their social security number on their arm. Why? "So we can identify your body."

When hurricane Katrina was headed for The Big Easy, I warned about leaving your pets behind. I had no idea how prescient that warning would be. There are still tens of thousands of animals trapped in New Orleans, dead, dying, starving and largely forgotten.

There are already accounts coming in of shelters and kennels in Galveston and related areas where animals have been left to weather the storm on their own.

Sorry for the dearth of posts this week. Haven't had much to say.

With day and night being about the same duration yesterday, we witnessed the sun's passing of the celestial equator once again. In ancient times, this was called the First Point of Libra, because back then, the sun was just entering said constellation as summer ended. Times change and stars drift (see precession), so today we would probably name it The Second (or Third) Point of Virgo.

Round these parts, though, we just call it fall.

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