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New Theme This Week

Monday 11/14/2005 11:45 AM

Each day this week, I will be showcasing a photo I took for a client as part of some type of project related to my day job. These photos will generally fall into one of two categories (if not both): photo for web site and/or photo for marketing materials.

Today's photo was taken in February of 2004 on behalf of DOCS, one of my clients. DOCS was the furniture contractor for this law office and also provided interior design consulting.

Most the photos taken here were real stunners. Because I never used the flash, they were all tripoded, long exposure shots. I really like shooting this way with natural light because I don't have to mess with flashes (at all) and light metering (as much). Plus a good natural light shot can really look good.

Friday's image is also going to come from this photo shoot.

File Under: Photograph, Client; Platinum Web Development
Music: Bohren & der Club of Gore "Black Earth"

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