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Candy Is Doing Just Fine (In More Ways Than One)

Friday 11/18/2005 2:49 PM

Candy's operation went as expected — no surprises, no complications. She is currently recuperating in room 4436 in the 4 North wing of Tallahassee Memorial. 4 North is where all the orthopedic and neuroscience patients hang out, so there are all sorts of interesting maladies and devices to treat them.

Ever heard of PCA? If I remember correctly, it stands for Patient Controlled Anesthesia. Basically, Candy has a big old vial of morphine suspended inside this box and she has a button she can click to get a hit whenever she wants. Mind you that "whenever she wants" really means "no more than once every fifteen minutes." But hey, gettin' the good stuff on demand every quarter hour can't be too bad.

I'm headed back to the hospital. More later.

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