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Friday 01/06/2006 3:24 AM

Was in bed before 10:30 this evening and, as usual when I go to bed early, I woke up a little before 2 AM. Hopefully I can get back to sleep once I finish this blog post. I've been Ambien free for about a month. Wonder if I'll have to start using it again. There are still a couple tablets of Ambien CR (controlled release) left over from my free sample — maybe I'll pull them out next week if the insomnia continues.

Argus has a doctor appointment later this afternoon. Hopefully his ear infection is finally gone.

Did you watch the national championship game between Texas and USC? Yowza. Two great bowl games this week. Did you know that Texas quarterback Vince Young's performance (200 yard rushing plus 267 yards passing!) exceeded any single game performance by a quarterback in college or NFL history? And he was the runner-up for the Heisman.

I love today's pic BTW. Nice impromptu shot I discovered about half an hour ago. Be sure to click the link for the larger version.


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Music: Neil Diamond "12 Songs"

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