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Saturday 01/21/2006 11:34 AM

Catching up on some photo cataloging and found this gem for your image of the day.

Made Grandma some steel cut Irish oatmeal this morning. She wasn't able to eat much of it because she is afraid it is a little too chewy. Grandma had a bout with diverticulitis last year, and, as a result, she can't have nuts or seeds anymore. This is especially a real bummer because her favorite ice cream is butter pecan.

So last night, Grandma and I went to Baskin-Robbins and I read the description of all 31 flavors to her and we figured out what she can and can not eat. I told her she had to try at least three samples before we settled on something new for her. As it turned out, she let me get her two single scoops, one of rainbow sherbert and the other of strawberry ice cream with pieces of strawberries in it. Yes, I know strawberries have seeds, but she feels comfortable risking it since we can't see any seeds in it and she doesn't have any problems with sesame seeds.

It's Saturday, so you know what that means: Dog Park Day! Argus can hardly wait.

Oh, and I ran into Tanner's mom yesterday and she agreed to schedule a play date for Argus and the Tanner-Man!

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