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Happy Valenheart's Day

Tuesday 02/14/2006 12:10 PM

Flowers. Chocolate. The perfect card. Dinner out. Or, better yet, inside (away from everybody else).

Famously, Valentine's Day.

Infamously, the St. Valentine's Day massacre.

The music of the day is from one of my all-time favoritest groups in the whole wide world: Everything But The Girl. They stole the name from a local furniture store that promised they could sell you everything for your house except the lovely lass with which to share it.

Today's album features EBTG's scrumptious variety of covers (i.e. other people's songs). In particular is track number one, Love Is Strange, which was recently featured on the Hummer Superbowl Commercial simply titled Monsters. A quick Googling seems to indicate that this was originally a Buddy Holly song.

Just about everything by EBTG is a sensuous gift for your eardrums, but this album is a great way to introduce yourself to their inimitable style by way of familiar compositions.

Link of the Day: Most Popular Valentine's Day Card

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Music: Everything but the Girl "Acoustic"

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