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I Got A Ticket for An Aeroplane

Friday 03/03/2006 3:26 AM

Well, we're almost ready to go.

Got the wireless network card installed in the laptop. Got the poker software installed on the laptop. Got my reading material (Company by Max Barry and the BFI Modern Classics film analysis of the movie Se7en by Richard Dyer). Got our reservation for dinner tomorrow night at Wahso in Park City. Got two overpriced massages lined up (The Grand Spa Sampler on Sunday at 1PM with Lucas and the Hot Stones Massage at 1PM on Monday with Leslie), courtesy of the suckers at the 5-card draw poker tables at Paradise Poker.

The high for tomorrow in the mountains (i.e. Park City) is 42°. Not sure what I'm wearing, but I'm not too worried about it. Will probably be my typical ultra-cas' slackerwear. No dress code at the restaurant, so what, me worry?

I'm hoping/expecting to post to the blog while I'm gone. So check back for pictures and stories.

Hasta la Whenevera.

Your picture for the day is from my early morning shoot on Wednesday. Hard to believe I had traffic at my back and hi-rise office buildings in sight from the spot where I took this. Looks like I'm in the middle of nowhere just begging to become another crime victim statistic.

There is a larger version of the image for you to click, but if you're too lazy, this is what the sign says:

And to think... Shannon and I used to come hang out at this forgotten little park after high school.

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