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Phoenix Gallery

Sunday 03/19/2006 1:18 PM

Back on Saturday in Park City, while on our way to dinner, we discovered the Phoenix Gallery. With it's open space inside and red wood stylings throughout the interior, Phoenix Gallery is a great place to spend some time looking at art.

And the art! Let me tell you about the art. No pictures of bears or wolves or snowy vistas for umpteen millionth time. No pop art interpretations of moose here. I don't know if Phoenix Gallery always sticks to these styles, but when we were there it ranged from primitive statue to utilitarian furniture design to abstract and impressionistic art. All favorites of mine and a welcome change from the other tourist-oriented galleries scattered up and down (and I mean UP and DOWN, the grade of the hill on Main Street will wake up your calf muscles — love it!) Main Street.

The proprietor was kind enough to permit me to take some pictures. So I'll be highlighting a few pieces and artists over the next few posts.

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