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A Spiritual Screen

Wednesday 03/22/2006 11:15 PM

Turns out, the evening we were in Park City, Kathleen Earthrowl was having a showing at Phoenix Gallery. She and I chatted in the afternoon and then again that night when I returned after dinner.

Kathleen is very down-to-earth and enjoyed talking to me about her art, digital photography and three-dimensional installation work. She was also gracious enough to permit me to snap some photos of her artwork.

You may recognize her style from an image I posted a few days ago (see Sprung). In addition to her oil on canvas work, she does these colorful impressionistic pieces on curved plexiglass. She has the steel frames built to properly warp the thick plastic sheets and then paints them. The result is a translucent wonder that works best in front of a window with streaming sunbeams, so the piece changes throughout the day as the daylight angles move with the earth.

She calls them Spiritual Screens and you can see more on her web site gallery.

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Music: George Michael "Older"

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