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The Tasty Kakes Have Landed!

Tuesday 08/22/2006 12:19 AM

Actually, they landed last week, but I'm just now getting around to telling you about them.

I first heard about Tasty Kakes when Philly Connection opened a store in Tallahassee years ago. Candy's and her friend Chick (his real name is Richard but she called him "Chick" — long story) were excited because this new cheesesteak place supposedly carried Tasty Kakes. All they could talk about was the prospect of finding Butterscotch Krimpets in Tallahassee.

I finally had a chance to try them and was unimpressed.

Fast forward about a dozen years and there I was wandering the aisles of Wal-Mart in Chambersburg, PA, a few weeks ago looking for my Tasty Kakes. Bobby and Candy's mother had been bringing down various chocolate varieties for a number of years and, while they weren't the greatest single-wrapped super fat pills ever made, they were worth a bit of hassle if for nothing else than the novelty of telling people down in Florida that I had Tasty Kakes!

Between the Wal-Mart and the Giant grocery store, we got more than a dozen boxes of different flavors of Tasty Kakes. Imagine the look on the women's faces at the UPS Store when we walked in and demanded a carefully cushioned box to be shipped to Florida ASAP so I could get my Tasty Kakes in a timely fashion.

Well, last Tuesday they arrived and they are currently littering the coffee table. Thank God the dogs haven't figured out what they are (excellent job on the plastic-wrapped stay fresh goodness, Tasty Kakes!).

The only bad news is that all the Tasty Kakes, even the low carb Sensables (taste great BTW) have trans fats, which are yukky yukky bad for you.

Oh well.

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