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Crumblin' Down

Tuesday 10/24/2006 1:44 PM

They're tearing it down.

After all this time, the asbestos-festering, graffitti-strewn walls of the former tuberculosis ward are being ripped asunder and exposed to the harsh light of day, like the insides of a corpse after a crude and hopeless, last minute, battlefield search for the burning piece of flak as the light in his eyes slipped away.

Buildings have lives as sure as they have deaths.

I was hoping for explosives, but it looks like the doctor prescribed a wrecking ball.

Been gone a while. Seems to be a (bad) habit of mine this year. My network connection was on the fritz for over two weeks. Then there was work. Then there was this new law to try to put a stop to online gambling (your friend and author has been known to risk a buck or two on the turn of the cards from time to time), so I was busy familiarizing myself with... umm... counter-measures. We'll leave it at that.

Back for now. For a while. Until new excuses wander into my life.

Saturday was the saddest of anniversaries, but we made it through.

Saw The Prestige. If you don't mind your entertainment of flickering images a little on the complicated side, I heartily recommend it. Don't let anyone tell you about it, as the less you know, the better.

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Music: Heartless Bastards "All This Time"

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