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Tuesday 11/14/2006 1:45 AM

Work is crazy. Just put up a new server last week. Got projects due for this month. Got lots of accounts receivable, but no receivable. Whew!

Additionally, I've been busy on a little creative venture of my own, not related to poker or writing or the day job. Details some other time because I don't want to jinx it. But it's sounding pretty good.

Alex had a death in the family. Last week his cat Milo was diagnosed with diabetes and today his cat Buster was hit (and killed) by a car. I wil probably write more about this in the days/weeks ahead.

Candy is taking next week off because her boss will be gone at Christmas. We're talking about maybe starting to play tennis. Wish us luck!


File Under: Alex; Candy; Death; Life Happening
Music: Cliff Martinez "Solaris Soundtrack"

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