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'Twas the Season

Tuesday 01/02/2007 5:36 AM

Christmas Eve and I was full of angst. Not over forgotten gifts. Not stranded in a snow bank and late to get home for dinner. Not due to sold out shelves at the toy store.

I was at Fresh Market, wandering around on the edge of... well, not really panic... but extreme discomfort.

The source of my anxiety? Worried that come Christmas day, I'd be out of some food or snack or libation without an open store down the street to run to real quick.

Like most of you, I've become so spoiled by our twenty-first century ways that I've embraced the hallmark of modern-day manufacturing for my kitchen and foodstuffs: Just In Time Inventory.

I never worry about whether I have everything I need. With Publix just minutes away, I get what I need when I need it. Yes, you can argue that I waste time by going to the store so often, but being a homebound desk jockey, a forced trip out in the world every day or so isn't a bad thing.

None-the-less, I can't help thinking how absolutely useless I've become in some respects.

I like Christmas now more than I ever have. Not because of the Christmas-ness and all, but rather because of the way this time of year has elongated for me. These days Christmas is much less a pinpoint of joy and much more a smear of tranquility beginning around the solstice and continuing into the really good college football bowl season.

Yes, I've worked over the last couple of weeks, but I've also done other stuff. Been sleeping a lot, but not out of laziness for a change — because my body has demanded it. Little bit of a cold, lots of work around the house and in our new storage facility. Been lifting some weights as well.

Still got a ways to go.

I get to see Alex in a couple months in Atlanta. Candy and I are pumped. I'll be taking pictures of him and, no doubt, he'll be taking pictures of me with his new digital camera.

If that isn't enough motivation for me, I don't know what is.

Another late nite / early morning of work, so I'm headed for the living room to crash on our big, new gushy recliner.


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Music: Brian Eno & Peter Schwalm "Music for Onmyoji"

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