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Groovy Photo (Wolfmother Rules!)

Sunday 02/18/2007 9:12 PM

Can't say I've been busy. Can't say I've been uninspired. So... no good excuse(s). Chalk it up to a mental health holiday.

Love today's pic. Hope you do too. Was sitting in the car listening to Wolfmother, this Australian rock group that writes original songs in the style of 70's rock groups. There's the Led Zeppelin song. The Yes song. And so on.

This is what I wrote about them for the music link on the blog:

First became aware of this group/album when I was wandering through Best Buy sometime last year (2006). The album cover looked like something I would've really dug when I was a 1970's adolescent boy. Forgot all about it. Flash forward a couple months and I'm reading the music section of Entertainment Weekly and they favorably describe Wolfmother as a Led Zeppelin sound-a-like band. 'nother couple months go by and I'm browsing the music videos on Comcast's OnDemand and there's a video for Wolfmother's song "Woman." It rocks. I buy the album, and, at long last, the rest is history.

Turns out that Wolfmother used a Frank Frazetta painting for their album cover. That's a big deal because it was Frazetta who did a lot of classic album covers for the likes of Molly Hatchet and Nazareth. You could argue that his style was emulated on countless other album covers as well. Your Link of the Day tells you a little bit more about Mr. Frazetta.

Great album art. Awesome music.

A little bit more on the Wolfmother next time.

Link of the Day: Frank Frazetta

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