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Three Weeks

Sunday 03/11/2007 5:21 PM

My sister, Shannon, is going to England this summer to study the essays of A. A. Milne. The original plan was that she would be gone about two weeks and I'd get Alex for that time.

Well, that didn't make my dad too happy as he got his request into Shannon to take care of his grandson for those couple of weeks after I had already sealed the deal. Shortly after being rejected, he made a comment to me about Alex being a precious commodity now. I think that was his way of saying the war is on, between uncle and grandfather for time with the little one.

Here's the part of the story where I remind myself of that old Gypsy curse: May your wish come true.

Turns out that my sister is gonna stretch out her stay on the other side of the pond. She wants to go to Finland. And seeing as how my dad is gonna give her some bucks to help make this happen, I think you and I, dear friend and reader, can see the moves behind the moves here.

To paraphrase that line from Training Day: This shit ain't checkers — it's chess!

My money's on my dad having read my post about being tired after my couple days with the Alex-meister, and now he's thinking he can put the nail in my coffin by adding on another week to the summer visit he feels should be rightfully his. He's hoping those extra seven days will be enough for me to ask Shannon for a 2-3 year reprieve of my Uncle Peter duties.

But here's a little secret that I've yet to reveal on these pages (and more importantly to Alex's grandfather): I had a great time with Alex-San in Atlanta, and those three weeks this coming July will only allow me to sink my claws deeper into his grandson. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

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