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Wednesday 04/11/2007 12:33 PM

My dad is in Florida right now (for a few weeks), and even though the original plan did not involve the two of us getting together, he is going to come up from Deland for the weekend.

So with Candy still having problems (appointment with neurosurgeon Monday), my working on various web projects and a couple music projects, plus my bathroom being completely gutted and a parade of contractors in and out of the house all week, plus two Aquadog appointments this week, THINGS ARE KINDA CRAZY!

So if the blog posts slow down, don't think I died or anything.

Oh, and here is a Scrabble bonus question for you. Candy, George and I were playing Scrabble a few months ago, and I got these letters with my first draw:


Candy went first, and then it was time for me, the human rain delay, as I sat there staring at the letters and moving them around, back and forth. After about ten minutes, Candy started complaining that I was taking too long and there needs to be a time limit for a move.

Thing was, I was convinced there was a seven-letter word there. I could feel it, but I couldn't see it. So what did I do? I passed.

So then George went for the first time, then Candy took her second turn. The extra time helped my mind see the light.

So tell me, gentle friend and reader, did I come to the conclusion that I misstepped (i.e., there was no word that could net me the 50 extra points)? Or did I find a seven-letter word in there?

Let me know what you think and I'll post the answer real soon.


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Music: Tracey Thorn "Out of the Woods"

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