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What the Heck is Flanerie?

Wednesday 07/18/2007 10:19 AM

Shannon made it to London! If you want to see what's up with her, you can check out her blog, which I've listed below as your Link of the Month!

Alex wanted steak last night — thus the grill burns. Fingers are fine this morning, just a little stiff when I bend them. Virtually pain-free!

OK, no more exclamation points. I promise! Whoops.

Not too sure how I'm gonna handle the blogging for the next thirty-some-odd days with Alex and all. Might be more, might be less. Might even let the little guy do some guest blogging.

Gotta go. Work to do. Only have 'til 3:45 PM when I have to go pick up the nephew from summer camp. Oh, here is the description of his week-long summer day camp:

"Space Station this is Mission Control, we are ready for our mission!" Your child will apply for the job they want aboard the mission, design their own mission patch, and conduct their own experiments when they fly their very own space mission.

Today, they are making (and launching) water bottle rockets.

And yes, I really have had the same music playing for the last few days.


P.S. If you are as confused as I was by Shannon's blog title, check out the Wikipedia entry that'll tell you about Flanerie.

Link of the Day: Experiments in Flanerie

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