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Alex, Holga-fied!

Thursday 08/02/2007 1:43 PM

Image Number One from the first roll of medium format film used in the Holga, with Young Master Alex as the subject.

OK, I've doubled back to this post to talk a little bit about this image.

All the lights in my office were out (it was at night) and I had Alex stand in front of a white door. The plan was to to take two shots on the same frame of film (i.e., double exposure) with two different colored flashes (choices on the Holga are red, blue, yellow and white). The idea was that he would stand in two different spots within view of the lens. It was his idea to give himself a high five.

You be the judge on how it all worked out.

File Under: Alex; Holga 120CFN; Photography
Music: Everything but the Girl "The Language of Life"

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