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Carlton Jones

Sunday 08/12/2007 2:22 PM

Last weekend and through the middle of last week, we had a third dog in the house. Our friend Carl asked us to watch CJ, his family's six-month-old boxer/greyhound mix. As you might guess, he and Alex became fast friends.

The cottage next door is vacant, so we kept CJ over there. We brought Argus over every day so they could play together. CJ is very submissive, which means that Argus doesn't want to play with himm — instead he wants to beat him up. I kept after Argus and by the third day or so they were pretty much getting along. Candy is deathly afraid of getting caught up in the middle of a dog fight, so she was never completely at ease.

The last night CJ (never did find out what CJ stands for, though I did come up with my own idea) was here, Alex slept over at the cottage and they had a grand old time. This picture was taken the morning after, a few hours before CJ went home.

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Music: Joss Stone "Introducing Joss Stone"

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