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Let Down

Thursday 09/13/2007 11:17 PM

Well, The White Stripes canceled their US tour. Insert expletive. Insert multiple expletives. The whole reason we planned this bloody trip in the first place has now gone up in smoke because half of the band has anxiety, which sounds like a euphemism for some other type of rock star related problem. And, come on, do they really expect us to believe we'd be at all disappointed if Jack was the only one to show up? Since he's the composer, the singer and the primary instrumentalist, I gotta think that a Jack-only show would be pretty sweet. And they couldn't get another drummer, huh?

Then there is Ticketmaster. Your Link of the Day will take you to the Ticketmaster web page for the now-canceled show. Since their page will eventually disappear, I'll copy here the best part so it is preserved for all eternity:

Refunds at point of purchase for those not able to attend the rescheduled show. Phone and Internet customers must mail their tickets back to Ticketmaster in order to receive a refund. Tickets must be received no later than September 20, 2007.

Mind you, this is for a show that was supposed to occur on September 24th.

Oh, and even though I purchased my tickets online from Ticketmaster, they have not sent me an e-mail notification informing me the show was canceled. So let's say I didn't find out. Let's say I showed up a week from Monday only to be disappointed that there is no show. When I contact Ticketmaster for a refund, they would tell me I missed the deadline for a refund by four days. What the...?

Ticketmaster is a terrible, terrible example of the worst aspects of a monopoly.

Anyway, I sent my tickets back today, certified, return receipt requested. There's another nine bucks I won't get back in addition to their inconvenience fees.

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