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No Bears

Friday 09/28/2007 2:59 PM

Let's get this out of the way right now. We did not see any bears. No polar bear, no grizzly bears. No big bears, no little bears. Yeah, it's a bummer, but I still had a great time in Barrow.

On the plane back to Anchorage as I write this and here I am again: Stuck. The blogging while traveling problem. Compounded by the fact that I had no internet access in Barrow and not too much time to write. I would have loved to spend a couple more days at the Top of the World to just sit in my hotel room or the lobby or one of the nearby restaurants writing for you about my once-in-a-lifetime experience. As it is, though, we're already eight hours behind schedule (more on that later) and have only one day left in Anchorage before we fly back to Florida at 1AM tomorrow night. That's Friday night or Saturday morning depending on how you classify such things. Personally, I've always been of the opinion that if I haven't gone to bed yet and the sun still hasn't come up, it's night not morning.

We'll be whupped by the time we get to the hotel in Anchorage and we'll still have Arctic tales to tell to Jody and Mike and Samantha and Shane and Candy before going to bed. Friday will likely be overscheduled as we try to get stuff done before leaving. So this is my long-winded way of asking you to be patient while I compose my thoughts, collect my photos and prepare a series of blog posts that, knowing me, will probably stretch into 2008. I'm thinking I'll dodge the chronological play-by-play I've strived for in the past, because it just gets harder and harder to sustain once I'm back to Life As I Know It (i.e. not on the shore of the Arctic Ocean, a couple hundred miles from the nearest tree).

Like I needed another thing to cramp my style, but I regret to inform you that my typing for the moment is limited on the airplane because the person in front of me is leaned so far back I can not work on my laptop properly. These few words I've typed already have been done with the laptop on the tray for the seat next to me. As a result, the middle of the left side of my back is beginning to burn from being twisted and contorted. I'm afraid I am unable to even write out the super-short executive summary I was planning to end this with. Hopefully, I'll be able to do better after we touchdown in Fairbanks and then start heading for Anchorage. So for now, goodbye.

I miss my dogs.

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