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So Many More Pictures to Go

Wednesday 10/17/2007 12:01 AM

I may very well be writing about Alaska for the rest of the year.

We drove past this dumpster in a taxi and I asked the guy to stop, back up and let me out so I could take a picture.

Remember what I wrote about not thinking I'll ever be showing you pictures of dead animals again? Well, that was before I went to Alaska. I have pictures of two different dead foxes and one of a dead walrus that washed up on the shore (there is red slick of blood leaking into a nearby tidal pool next to the large tusked corpse).

So this is your chance to voice your concerns to me about posting such pictures. I don't promise not to show them, but I will consider your comments and weigh your opinion(s) against my desire to share.

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Music: Peter Gabriel "Shaking the Tree"

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