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Non-Alaska Update

Friday 10/19/2007 1:38 AM

Yep, there's gonna be a fourth Rambo movie. They filmed it in Asia, and the trailer is totally hardcore. Barring absolutely scathing reviews from multiple respected sources, I will so be there.

Love the poster.

I remember seeing First Blood for the first time like it was just a couple hours ago. I was thirteen years old and visiting family in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My Aunt Becky took me to see it at a drive-in. Wow! What an incredible movie to see as a teenager. I spent the rest of the summer running around the woods pretending I was John J.

IMPORTANT: Beware the sago palm. It can kill your dog. It can kill your kids. Details via your Link of the Day.

Last Saturday was the two year anniversary that Argus has been with us. No regrets.

But that means a more somber date of remembrance is almost upon us.

Candy's still in pain, but we're dealing with it. (Easy for me to say.)

Link of the Day: This Plant Will Kill Your Dog (and maybe your kids)

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