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The Blurry One

Monday 06/23/2008 6:46 AM

Argus has a bit of history as being somewhat unphotographable. As you can see by today's (well, actually yesterday's) photo, he's still up to his old tricks. Alex and I were up at 4:30 Sunday morning to take Shannon to the airport. We never went back to bed and somehow made it through the day without even a nap.

After dropping Shannon off for her airplane ride, we went home to pick up The Boys and take them to The Lake Bottom. It was still a little misty when we got there and I got some pretty good pictures. The fog made Alex nervous and he was happy to leave when we did. The highlight of the visit was when we were still on our way there and had turned off Monroe Street... I told him to be on the lookout for wildlife because over the last year I have seen two deer and a baby fox on the road leading back to The Lake Bottom. Just as I told him that, we saw a fox dart across the road and into the bushes. I'm glad he got to see that.

After we took The Boys home, we were off to Best Buy to camp out in line so we could get a copy of Rock Band for my new Wii. But first we hit Village Inn for breakfast and then the Circle K for snacks (since we were getting to Best Buy about three hours before they opened we were gonna need supplies). We were the first ones in line for hours, but when the store finally opened they immediately sold out of the only six copies of the game they had recieved. So it was worth the wait.

Rock Band is awesome. I had played it with my nephew Bobby back in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago. You get a microphone, a guitar and a set of drum pads and you have to play along with popular rock songs. Alex loves it and is becoming quite a microphone fiend. So when you see him on stage 15 years from now, you can tell all your friends you heard about him first right here.

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