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The Lull That Wasn't

Wednesday 06/25/2008 11:32 AM

“We were actually joking about death. We were kidding about how, you know, they kind of come in groups. It was like Bo Diddley and Tim Russert. And he was saying how I feel safe now for a little while because, you know, there should be a lull before they come after the next person.”

—Jerry Seinfeld, discussing a conversation he had with George Carlin a few days before Carlin died

I remember the first time I saw George Carlin. My mom was out of town on a work-related trip (I think she was in Atlanta) and my dad let me watch one of the first HBO George Carlin specials. It was the one where he does the bit about the difference between cats and dogs. George explained how dogs have eyebrows, but cats have this shit sticking out of their head that was supposed to be eyebrows. I thought that was the funniest thing (I was probably ten years old) and I remember telling it to my mom on the phone.

Candy and I meant to see him when he came to Ruby Diamond auditorium earlier this year, but we didn't make it. There's another item to add to my lifelong list of regrets.

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Oh... I guess I can't let this topic go without mentioning Candy's favorite Carlin character: The Hippy Dippy Weather Man. I always loved this bit of his:

And the forecast for this evening... DARK!

Carlin was the king.

Link of the Day: Seinfeld: Carlin was 'the total package'

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