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“They don't love you like I love you”

Monday 07/07/2008 10:42 AM

The Wii is a truly amazing game console. Your Link of the Day explains that the Wii “has the chance to be one of the best selling systems of all-time.”

After playing it with Alex for the last month I can understand why. We've played games with the renowned Wii controllers (with and without the nunchuck controllers). We've played all sorts of balance games on the Wii Fit (yes, it's true that according to one survey, people don't seem to keep using the Wii Fit after they buy it), and on some days I've assigned Alex to complete a certain number of minutes on the Wii Fit (the longest so far has been 45 minutes). But the experiences I'm most likely to look back on fondly from my death bed are our Rock Band performances.

Already there is a little twinge in my gut when I remember nine-year-old Alex singing “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs a week ago when his mom came home back from Colorado. It makes me smile in that way that sometimes leads to tears. (He's already not the boy he was then a few days ago; let alone how different he'll be at Thanksgiving when I probably see him again or next summer or years from now.) The song has a nicely syncopated groove that I love to pound out on the red, yellow, blue and green drumpads, but it's the physicality of that experience combined with hearing him sing these words in his uniquely prepubescent manner:

“They don't love you like I love you”

Over and over and over.

These are the good old days indeed.

I was going to put the lyrics to “Maps” here, but after looking at them I realized that when you read them alone they really don't convey the awesomeness of the song. If you really want to find them, Google is your friend.

Alex and Shannon leave tomorrow. As usual, I'm filled with regret about the things we didn't do and other shoulds, coulds and woulds. It's never enough, is it?

Link of the Day: Analyst: Wii Might Not Be A Fad

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Music: Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Fever to Tell"

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