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Alex's New Haircut

Wednesday 09/10/2008 12:55 PM

The last day Alex was here this summer, I cut all my long hair off. Alex was inspired to get his mane trimmed as well. The way it worked out, though, was that he had his barbershop appointment before mine. So when I was getting my haircut, he was busy looking at himself in the mirror and playing with his new "spiky" hair.

Kevin, the guy cutting my hair, gave Alex a free tube of hair styling gel. From that point forward nine-year-old Alex became prepubescently obsessed with his hair. Shannon had to keep telling him that, yes, he had enough gel in his hair and that it really was okay if he went another 15 minutes without putting more on.

The next day, after they left, Shannon sent me text message updates:

7/8/08 9:12 AM, From: Boo Cellphone
When we were pulling out of the driveway, alex said he wished we could stay another day. Thanks for everything. Again.

7/8/08 9:31 AM, From: Boo Cellphone
We mis you to !

7/8/08 9:32 AM, From: Boo Cellphone
Alex typed & sent that last text.

7/8/08 10:33 AM, From: Boo Cellphone
Gel application stop #1 within 60 miles of tallahassee. Almost to tifton now, though.

7/8/08 12:06 PM, From: Boo Cellphone
Gel app #2. Let me know if the texts are annoying you.

7/8/08 12:10 PM, From: Boo Cellphone
Ok. And that would make 3 within 150 miles, counting the initial gelling when he woke up this am.

7/8/08 1:25 PM, From: Boo Cellphone
Gel app #4, 30 miles south of atlanta.

7/8/08 4:59 PM, From: Boo Cellphone
Almost to the campground, after gel app #5.

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