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There He Is!

Wednesday 09/24/2008 11:39 AM

Found this picture yesterday during my daily reading. Be sure to click the link for the hi-res version.

Back in college I worked at a picture framing shop for a few years. We had catalogs of different types of prints we could order for customers, and in one of them there were photos of whales surfacing in what looked like Washington. I always wondered what it would be like to be in a small boat with these large, peaceful animals in the water all around me. I wish I could remember the photographer's name. I'm pretty sure it started with a B. I Googled a bit, but couldn't find it.

Flash forward about ten years and I'm in a hotel by myself watching television. I call Candy on the phone and tell her to change to certain channel. She was almost asleep, but we spent a few minutes on the phone oohing and awing as we watched these divers off the coast of Australia swimming with whale sharks. Ever since then, I've kept fantasizing about swimming with whale sharks. If never do it, that will definitely be one of my big regrets.

When we honeymooned in Alaska, we took a nature cruise in Juneau and saw multiple whales surfacing around the boat. That experience defied adequate description. Nothing can prepare you to see these exquisite, humongous creatures breaking the waves to exhale and inhale before descending again.

Your Link of the Day connects you to the original page for the photo.

Link of the Day: there he is !!! (digg it)

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