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A Sad Example of How Dogs Protect Us

Sunday 04/19/2009 7:09 PM

Found this story a while back and have been meaning to share it with you since then.

Here's your executive summary:

Philippines. Cobra. Pit bull. Sacrifice. Humans unscathed. His owner/master arrives in time for the dog to see him and wag his tail just before he dies.

Details at your Link of the Day.

I can't help but be reminded of the original story of Argus I shared with you some years ago. But that Argus just had to wait, which I guess is a different sort of sacrifice, though nowhere nearly as dramatic.

I'd like to think that my Argus would do the same for me as Chief did for those women, but I'll be just as happy to never know.

Link of the Day: Pit Bull saves 2 women from deadly cobra, dies wagging his tail

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