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Sparkly Perry

Tuesday 05/12/2009 2:13 PM

Not being a big Jane's Addiction fan, I've never really paid much attention to the people in the band. The biggest surprise for me at the show was seeing how effeminent lead singer Perry Farrell. After reading his bio on Wikipedia a few minutes ago, I'm equally surprised to learn that he has been happily married to a woman for the last seven years.

This picture will show you the sparkly bodysuit he wore for our show. He's looking pretty good for a guy that just turned 50.

Our show in Tampa was the second night of the tour. In Atlanta Sunday night on the third night of the tour, Perry tore a calf muscle on stage. Details at your Link of the Day. Glad we saw him before he got hurt. Though after seeing the way he pranced around stage and leapt from speaker to speaker, I'm not really surprised to hear that he injured himself.

Sucks to get old, Perry.

Link of the Day: Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrell hospitalised after Atlanta gig

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